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Irrigation equipment

Tractor pumping unit TZ–80

It is used to deliver water under pressure from open basin to sprinkles or systems

Irrigator/sprinkler UD-2500

It is used to irrigate vegetables, feed crops, technical crops, and permanent grasses. The irrigation is done circle-wise or sector-wise by moving along crop rows. Water is taken from close or open basin.

Pump-engine station SDN—100/80

It is used to deliver water in off-line mode from open water basin to irrigation installations

Field demountable pipeline TRP-1200

The pipeline is used to deliver water to irrigation installations that are distant (up to 1200 m) from pump plant and water basin, and also to fill spare basins with water. It consists from 100 cuts of polyethylene pipes of 12 length that are united with plastic muffs.

Irrigation equipment OP-600

It is used to irrigate orchard and berry crops by means of overhead irrigation. The irrigation is done by movement of overhead irrigation sprinkler along rows of plants. Water is taken from open or closed basin.

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New machinery - self-propelled one-thread turner of flax ribbons

Combined far-reaching aggregate AKSH-9

New machinery - self-propelled one-thread baling machine with a cab

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