Machinery for fruit-growing


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Machinery for fruit-growing

The line of marketable undermining and potato packing LFK-1500

It is used for mechanical processing, dry cleaning, packing and wrapping of potato. It is used on enterprises of fruit production storage in closed ventilated rooms.

Special container for potato, fruit and vegetable

It is used as container for potato, vegetable and fruit on enterprises of fruit and vegetable produce storage, in closed ventilated rooms.

Rotor mower-shredder for garden KRS-2,4

It is used for mowing and blending of greenery in gardens with spaces between tree ryes not less than 3 meters, and also for aligning of herbage.

Garden core BS-250/700–380/1100

It is used for mechanic digging of pits for transplants of orchard, berry cultures, and sylvula on soils not fouled with stones, and also for construction works on soils of medium toughness.

Equipment for applying of mulching materials OVM-10

It is used for applying of mulching materials (cutting and peat without preliminary preparation) into trunk strips of fruit trees.

Garden cropper KS-3

It used to mow grass in gardens with spaces between tree rows 3,5 — 4,5 meters. The cropper moves the mowed grass by tree trunks that enables grass to be as fertilizer and moisture accumulator.

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New machinery - self-propelled one-thread turner of flax ribbons

Combined far-reaching aggregate AKSH-9

New machinery - self-propelled one-thread baling machine with a cab

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