Machines for forage preparation


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Machines for forage preparation

Breaking machine for moist grain PVZ-10

Used for flattening with adding of preservative to feed grain of different sorts with moisture 25–40 % by leaving for storage in leakproof tower-shaped, trench and floor storehouses

Grinding and mixing unit RSB-1,5

Used for forage preparation from grain components, protein and vitamin additives, enrichment mixture, premixes, certain microelements, vitamins

Equipment package for super-concentrate preparation OS-3

Used for the preparation of super-concentrate (protein and mineral additives) from local raw materials.

Fodder grinder DKR-2

Used for feed grain grinding for cattle, swine and fowl on farms

Grinder IRZ-1

Used for grinding of all sorts of grain by mixed fodder and feed mix preparation for all kind of animal of different age groups in accordance with zootechnics requirements.

Vertical grain grinder DZV

Used for feed grain grinding for cattle, swine, fowl forage by mixed fodder and other dry feed mixes production on technological lines in the conditions of agricultural enterprises

Horizontal mixer SGL

Used to blend mixed fodder components after portion dosing on scales in composition of technological lines and workshops

Mixed fodder workshop KC-10

Used on large cattle farms to prepare loose and pelletized mixed fodder with application of feed grain, enrichment additives, premixes, certain microelements and vitamins

Installation for making and input of liquid additives in mixed fodder UVJD

Used for heating, blending, transporting and dozed input of liquid components (fodder additives), reduced to dust, into mixed fodder. Is recommended for the usage on farms in technological lines of mixed fodder production and fodder additives on farms

Grain grinder-crusher IPZ-3

Used for grain grinding and crushing of different cultures by mixed fodder and fodder additives preparation for all age groups of animals in compliance with zootechnical requirements

Self-propelled unloader and fodder distributor SZRK— 22 «Kormilec»

Used for self-loading, crushing, mixing of fodder, and further distribution of fodder. The cab is equipped with ventilation and heating from the left side, wide observation, the front window opens. There is a graphic programmable electronic system of weighing. Double-sided unloading traverser has a chain in front of it. The machine is managed with a joystick

Loader-distributor of fodder ZRP-12

Used in production technologies of milk and beef. Fulfils self-loading with stalk-like fodder, crushed grain, marc, mixed fodder; inputs mineral and vitamin additives; mixes all fodder components; and fulfils dozed distributing to cattle on farms.

Loader- feed distributor- mixer of fodder PRSK-12

Used in high technologies for milk and beef production. Fulfils self-loading with stalk-like fodder from the trench of height up to 3.5 m, prepares quality mixes, transport them to store houses and makes dozed distributing to animals in feedboxes or on feed tables

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New machinery - self-propelled one-thread turner of flax ribbons

Combined far-reaching aggregate AKSH-9

New machinery - self-propelled one-thread baling machine with a cab

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