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Electrification and automation

Ozone plant for local purification of potable water

It is used to prepare water for bottling. The plant functionally consists of interconnected units and aggregates that provide on each process stage of ozone treatment purification and drying of air, ozone synthesis from air oxygen, contact initial and secondary water ozonation by means of bubble method, sorption filtration, and residual ozone destruction before atmospheric emission.

Power supply for galvanic productions

It is used to supply electroplating baths, electrochemical metal machining units, electrolytic sections, units of electro-refinement of copper with direct current. The principal of buffering high-frequency energy conversion and the contemporary element base with the usage IGBT modules makes possible to reduce considerably rectifier’s overall dimension and mass, and also to improve quality of rectified current and voltage, and thereby to have high quality of electroplate (the rectifiers can be manufactured for direct current 750, 1600, 3200, 6400 À; voltage 12, 24, 48 V; reversible).

Power supply for induction installations (for electrothermics)

Power source of the type PPET-250/800 manufactured on contemporary base with the usage of IGBT modules. Energy saving by the usage of PPET instead of electric and tube generator by two-shift maintenance during the year – up to 120 thousand kilowatt-hour.

Inductive electrical heater AQUA-ET

Inductive electrical heaters are used in various spheres: house heating, hot water-supply of apartments and huge plants, heating in technological processes of various branches of industry (steam exchange on liquid-phase coolant, capacities heating, oil products)

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New machinery - self-propelled one-thread turner of flax ribbons

Combined far-reaching aggregate AKSH-9

New machinery - self-propelled one-thread baling machine with a cab

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